DIY Baby Headbands

Unicorn Headband Tutorial

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How to Make a Shabby Flower Headband

What you need to make your headband:

-hot glue gun

- fabric scissors

-yard stick or tape measure

-2 shabby flowers

-2 adhesive felt circles


Step 1: 

Measure your elastic and cut it at the length you need.

Here is the chart of average headband measurements:

Newborn - 13 inches
3-6 months -14.5 inches
6-18 months -16 inches
Child - 17.5
Adults - 20 inches

You can measure your baby's head if you are unsure

 Step 2:

glue the elastic together by putting a small strip of hot glue on one edge and slightly overlapping the elastic.

Step 3: 

Set your elastic headband aside.

Trim the mesh off of your shabby flowers, this does not have to be perfectly trimmed, it is very thin mesh so you can just trim the surrounding mesh off of your flowers.

It will look like this when you are done.

Step 4:

Turn your flowers over

put a line of hot glue on the backside of your flowers.

Step 5 : place your "headband" on the flowers as shown. Make sure the shiny side of the elastic is what you are gluing the flowers to.

Step 6: peel one of your adhesive felt circles off. 

Even though they are adhesive, they still need some hot glue. Put a circle of hot glue on the back of your felt circle. Place the felt circle on the back side of your flower, sandwiching the elastic between the flowers and the felt.

You are all done! 

You can add some bling if you would like.

Elastic measurements for making headbands

Newborn - 13 inches
3-6 months -14.5 inches
6-18 months -16 inches
Child - 17.5
Adults - 20 inches

In this example we are using solid fold over elastic.

To make a headband, cut elastic to your desired size.

Shape the elastic like a headband-make sure it is all shiny side up and not twisted anywhere.

Overlap the edges about 1/4 of an inch and place a small line of hot glue on one edge.

You are now ready to add a bow or flowers!